By Vanessa Nicola

How To Make Overnight Oats

In the warmer months, sometimes a hot breakfast is not what we’re called to, but we still crave the satiating and benefits that come from oatmeal.


So, what does one do?


Enter overnight oats.

overnight oats oatmeal food photography

It’s not just the chilled, creamy, deliciousness that comes from this way of enjoying oatmeal in the warmer months. Oh no...There are amazing benefits too!


Here are a few reasons why you’ll love overnight oats:

  • They take a total of 2 minutes to make

-Truly, we’ll time you!

  • They act as a delicious and nutritious grab and go option for mornings when you’re running out the door

-Open the fridge, grab your oatmeal, and enjoy when ready.

  • Easy to batch prep

You can make a week’s worth of healthy breakfast in 5 minutes or less by batching your overnight oatmeal prep. 

  • Soaking oatmeal overnight increases the bioavailability of the nutritional benefits oats offer

-It’s true! By soaking your oats for 12 hours or more, the phytic acid that covers oatmeal is removed. Phytic acid reduces the ability of your body to absorb vitamins and minerals found in oats. Click here to learn more!

 how to make overnight oats oatmeal food photography

How to make overnight oats

  1. Place oatmeal in your jar or container of choice.
  2. Add your liquid of choice. We LOVE an unsweetened, vanilla oat mylk and mix well.
  3. Option to add toppings of choice before placing a lid on your jar or container. 
  4. Store in the fridge overnight (to obtain all nutritional benefits, we recommend 12 hours but oatmeal is just as creamy and delicious after a minimum of 4 hours).
  5. Come morning, grab, go and enjoy!

It’s THAT easy!


Here are 3 of our favourite overnight oat recipes:


overnight oatmeal recipes


Blueberries and Cream

blueberry overnight oats vegan gluten free

Shop Blueberry Cinnamon single-serve or multi-serve


Raspberry Cheesecakeraspberry overnight oats gluten free vegan

Shop Raspberry single-serve

Chocolate PB & B 

chocolate peanut butter overnight oatmeal oats cacao

Shop Cacao Coconut single-serve or multi-serve


Have an overnight oat recipe you want to share or tried one of the recipes above? We want to shout you out! Tag @oatoftheordinary when posting your delicious oatmeal breakfast!