By Vanessa Nicola

3 Tips To Boost Your Wellness Routine This Spring

Hi friend,


Holistic Nutritionist Chara here. As we approach spring, I thought it was the perfect time to share a few of my favourite easy yet effective health and wellness tips. 


Whether you're looking to improve your energy, clean up eating habits, or just feel better overall, these are tools you can easily apply to the everyday routine that will provide you with great results!


Let's dive in!

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1. You've heard it before...Warm lemon water every morning!


I was recently reminded that this is still a new concept to so many people, yet it is SO important to our health. 


The benefits: A glass of warm lemon water each morning supports digestive health including eliminating built-up toxins. This can be reflected in the health of our hair, skin, and nail growth and rejuvenation. Of course, this simple tip also contributes to hydration which supports weight loss and wellness goals. 

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2. Every workout counts, even if it's only 10 minutes.

As Oat of the Ordinary has continued to grow, I haven't had the time to spend an hour + at the gym as I did previously, yet, I've been incredibly impressed with the results I've seen with workouts even as short as 10 minutes. Through personal experience, I can truly say, every minute counts. Youtube workouts have been a godsend for this. Set it, forget it and make yourself proud for getting it done!


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3. Meal prep. Yes, even you have time!

I'm here to bust the myth! Meal prep doesn't have to take a ton of time! You can prep five healthy grab-and-go breakfasts in 5 minutes or less. Yes, you read that right, 5 minutes! If your goal is to clean up your eating habits, start here. 


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Breakfast: Use the multi-serve pouches to portion out your oatmeal for the week into jars or containers. Add your milk/mylk, any desired toppings or add-ons and store in the fridge. 



Lunch: Bake a sheet of your favourite veggies and potatoes or yams. Once baked and cooled, divide them between containers filled with leafy greens for a week's worth of hearty salads. 



Dinner: Utilize leftovers. Rely on one-pot meals, or cook a pot of your favourite grain to go with your baked veggies. Add some soy sauce or citrus for delicious and easy stir-fries. 

meal prep vegan health tips wellness spring tune up weight loss 


When it comes to your health and wellbeing, you deserve the right to make it your priority. You deserve the right to feel your best! And we are right here cheering you on!



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